tri number two

i completed my second triathlon last weekend, with the added bonus of my mom’s presence. yay, #1 fan!! she took some pictures.

here’s the run down.

i finished the 750 meter open water swim in 20:02. faster than my last tri time, but i still came in 14 out of 14 in my age category. i love swimming, but i’m really not that good at it. and i’m a lot worse when i’m traveling every other week. definitely some room for improvement. the best part of coming out of the water was seeing my mom and jocelyn cheering on the shore and realizing my best friend finished right beside me.

i picked up the pace on the bike. it was a short course, only 10 miles, so it’s hard to tell how it compared to the last race (which had a longer, flatter course). i finished in 34:51, 7th out of 14. i felt good about it, even though i fell off my bike on the dismount. i can never remember if i’m supposed to dismount before or after the line! so i just tipped over. oops. too bad my mom didn’t get a picture!

the run was a bear. super hilly. even my “elite” triathlete friends said it was a hard 3 miles. i finished it in 30:21. boo. but not terrible. good enough.

my transition times were faster this time around.

making my total time 1:28:43. i threw my arms up in triumph, hootin’ and hollerin’ as i crossed the finish. it was a really great day. thanks for being there, mom!

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