9 miles in 9 weeks

i really don’t LOVE running. i put up with it, and i enjoy it at times (because i like anything outdoors) but it’s not my favorite. still, i run.

and i was thinking i’d drop tri-training for the next 5 months and focus on yoga and weight training instead. i miss yoga! and it’d be especially helpful in this little process we call discernment (which i’ll have to expound on later).

the thing is, though, the weather is so friggin’ awesome right now. how can i be indoors?!?!

so i’m going to keep running. though i lack some motivation. what to do? create a goal. and that goal is: run a half marathon november 7.

yes, i know i only ever run 3 miles. and i did run 6 miles once in april, and it wasn’t difficult to do, but i haven’t run that far since. shoot, i’ve had no need to!

until now. now i have 9 weeks to add 9 miles to my run so i can run 12 miles.

oh, wait… i just googled half marathon distance and found it’s actually 13.1 miles. so actually i have 9 weeks to add 10 miles… but 9 in 9 sounds better… so we’ll just pretend.

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One thought on “9 miles in 9 weeks

  1. Susan says:

    Good luck with 9 and change in 9. Although I agree yoga is way better!

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