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new wheels

no, not a car.

i gotta say, for having lived here only 2.5 months, i have some pretty awesome friends. one of which called the owner of “my” local bike shop today (who happens to train some of my triathlon friends) and filled him in on my situation. when i arrived with my poor bike (which is maybe 15 years old), mr. bike man hooked me up with a free (used) wheel and free (used) tires too. i told him i’d been considering moving over to a lighter tread tire, being that i was on sidewalks more than mountain trails, hoping to make my rides through town a bit faster and easier. my bike looks hilarious now, like a drag-racer, says mr. bike man. skinny tire on front, thicker tire on back, but it’s a good combination for my needs. when all was said and done, he waved me out of the store with a smile, telling me to come back when i’m ready to buy a road bike… and start training… hmmm… train?

i’m suffering a bit of delayed shoulder pain today, i guess from bracing myself at impact, which i’m hoping is extremely temporary.

other than that, i’m back on the road tomorrow. score.

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lauren splats… almost

so much for not blogging…

i got hit by a car tonight on my way to the gym. i was riding my bike on the sidewalk (i’m told this is not illegal and much safer than riding on the road), going against traffic (again, i’m told this is safer), when i came to an intersection. i slowed down, noted the stopped car, checked the green light and the pedestrian crossing, and continued forward into the intersection. i saw the stopped car start into a right turn, realized what was about to happen, swerved, and CRASH. they clipped my back tire, knocking me over, but i caught myself and the bike. i have a few minor cuts and bruises, but nothing major. sadly, my bike will need a little TLC before i’ll be able to ride again (slight problem when it’s your primary means of transportation), but still nothing major. the lexus that hit me will have to get a new bumper, though… yikes. i didn’t get the driver’s contact information since 10% of me was scared i didn’t have the right of way. i can’t afford a lexus bumper. the couple that hit me was more concerned about my ability to walk than anything. i think the little lady in the passenger seat was more shaken up than i was.

anywho… my dad thinks i should get a car.

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